Alfred Woll

I was born and grew up in the south of Germany. By the time I was a teenager, I was already playing the violin, mandolin and guitar and discovered my passion for music and musical instruments. 1977 was the first time I took apart a damaged mandolin, repaired it and assembled it again. I enjoyed this work and became interested in making it my profession. Two years later I set up my own workshop and in 1979 I built my first classical guitar. I also did the repairs for a local music shop in the area, and in my spare time built all sorts of stringed instruments. I quickly learned that repairs and restorations can demand even more knowledge and skill than building a new instrument.

Over the years, many instruments of great masters passed through my hands. While I heard many different sounds and saw many different building techniques, I began to realize how the construction and the various materials influenced the sound of an instrument. Many of the building techniques which I found from studying the old masters, I tested on my own instruments. It was the beginning of a never-ending learning experience that helped shape the instrument building I do today.
Since I always had a special affinity for mandolins, and because an instrument can only be brought to perfection by devoting all effort to that task, I decided after a couple of years to only build mandolin-type instruments and thereafter, completed my master’s certificate as a mandolin builder.

Today I build top-class mandolins. I use only the best and most beautiful materials for my instruments. Look closely and you will see the loving attention to detail and hand-craftsmanship needed to achieve the desired aesthetic and tonal balance of the instrument. However, as beautiful as they look, the special feature – the primary feature of my instruments – is the sound. This achievement is the result of numerous conversations with mandolin players who told me what they liked and did not like. I will be forever grateful for their support.