Damaged instruments of the great old masters often deserve a restoration. I do extensive renovation work on vintage instruments. It is a great source of satisfaction to be able to restore a damaged vintage instrument to life and beauty. Historical instruments should remain as original as possible. Therefore, I take much care to preserve the original parts of an old instrument and its antique appearance. I restore damaged parts carefully to bring back the full original sound. I restore missing inlays or other parts by using the same materials and making them with the same precision that was done originally, so that after restoration, even the well-trained eye can hardly distinguish what was replaced from the original. If necessary, I apply partial or complete French polishing or an oil varnish according to the old master’s recipe.

Today, a good many mandolins, whether a Vinaccia, Calace or Embergher, again delight both player and audience after it has been restored in my workshop. Please contact me if you have a beloved but battered instrument that you would like to have restored.